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      "You mean, do you not? that I've no right to say what can only distress you.""No-o, the Zouaves! Infantry! when the one only sane thing to do," cried every cannoneer of Camp Callender--in its white lanes or on three-hours' leave at home on Bayou Road or Coliseum Square or Elysian Fields or Prytania street--"the one sane thing to do," insisted the growingly profane lads to their elders, and assented the secretly pained elders to them, "the one thing that, if only for shame's sake, ought to have been done long ago, was to knock Fort Pickens to HELL with SHELL!" Sadly often they added the tritest three-monosyllabled expletive known to red-hot English.

      There was Mother Melinda there, said Esmeralda, and black-eyed Polly, and one or two others.

      She laid her hand on his shoulder.

      Barker was waiting for her, and being still full of the rustic charms of Deepdale, was eager to talk. Esmeralda let her chatter on, scarcely hearing a word, then sent her away as soon as possible. A strange feeling of loneliness took possession of her; and yet it was not strange, for until to-night she had always had friends near her. To-night she was utterly alone. The Marchioness of Trafford, the future Duchess of Belfayre, with a jewel-box crammed with gems, with a million of money to do as she pleased with, was, with it all, one of the unhappiest women in all England!He sighed almost patiently.

      What a success! said Lady Ada. My dear Esmeralda, you have had a triumph!How dare I? For Gods sake, what do you mean? he exclaimed. Why do you look at me like thiswhy do you talk to me! What about Esmeralda? She is here, isnt she? And he looked round vaguely.



      "Then," said Flora, "let me speak whiles--" She dropped her face into her hands, lifted it again and stared into her listener's eyes so piteously that through Anna ran another cry--"He has not asked! No girl alive could look so if he had asked her!"Pity you werent here in the afternoon and secured one of those berths before the gentleman who took them. Hes a lord, I seeLord Norman Druce.